The company

Founded in 1976, Eurogamma S.r.l. started its activity in 1978 and has maintained the same characteristics since then.

Since the beginning its activity has dealt with technical consultancy operations, which have surely represented a valid help for its introduction among Clients.

Among the first articles distributed we must mention the brake pads for motor vehicles, which were purchased from a national producer, and distributed with a trademark registered by Eurogamma S.r.l. in Tuscany and Umbria.

At the same time, the exclusive distribution of the SuperTex-Saiag oil seals was obtained for the entire central Italy area. This allowed the first approach with the world of first assembling and given the wideness of their application, practically with all the components production mechanical industries.

In January 1979, the first increase of the personnel and acquisition of the exclusive distribution of bushings manufactured by the multinational Federal Mogul was possible.

The distribution in the repair workshops of specific high technology heavy duty vehicles equipment (for that period) was started at the same time.

Since the beginning of its activity, Eurogamma S.r.l. has paid particular attention also to the railway sector that, even if not successful during the first years, it became one of its strengths afterwards.                                                           

Its policy has always been to concentrate the work on a non elevated number of articles and to penetrate all the possible sectors of the market, such as railway, small and medium enterprises, engine adjustment workshops, industrial retailers, spare parts retailers, and repair workshops.

The deep knowledge of the articles and markets led, in a few years, to a considerable growth both in terms of turnover and structure.

In 1983 new important exclusive distributions were acquired, such as:

- Radiators for Lorries, tractors, and railway vehicles

- Water pumps for Lorries, Busses, and Tractors

- Leaf springs for heavy duty vehicles

- Shock absorbers for railway vehicles

All these top quality products, together with the FERODO brake pads, purchased shortly after, represent the definitive consolidation of the Company on the markets of its competence, and today they are still the base of its activity.

In 1982, following the failure of the leaf springs produced by an Italian Supplier and with the need to solve the problems with some Customers, it started the first Engineering operation, with the help of the German company Krupp- Brueninghaus, a Eurogamma S.r.l. leaf spring project was developed.

This project resulted extremely efficient and it not only restored the deteriorated relations with some Customers, but it also demonstrated the possibilities that the Company had in terms of technical autonomy.

In 1982, after the failure of the mobile jacks manufacturing company, Eurogamma S.r.l. decided, to start its own production of this type of equipment considering the significant number of lifting systems sold and the need to assure the clientele a constant supply and post-sales assistance activity.

Starting from 1985 all the lifting systems were equipped with microprocessor electronic control power units (the famous Z80), designed and realised by Eurogamma S.r.l. which we are proud of, considering that, even if created before first portable ones, they are still in use.

The railway sector has become the one with more perspectives and certainly one of the most important thanks to the continuous technical consultancy work carried out together with the commercial activities.

With the continuous evolution of the market and exasperating competition a further step up of quality that can guarantee a safe management of the activities, in presence of a probable considerable increase of the turnover is necessary.

For the expectation of an increase in work force and activities of the company, Eurogamma S.r.l. intends to direct the organisational evolution towards a system able to ensure the quality of the services and products.

Quality that up to date has proved to be the main strength of Eurogamma S.r.l.

We believe that the training given to the personnel during all these years and the mentality instilled in them, continuous work improvement and reliability are an excellent requisite for the obtainment and maintenance of the ISO9001:2008 certificate.